Best Live Game Gets a New Box

It’s been a fairly news-heavy day today from CCP. First up, EVE’s been awarded the Best Live Game award at the GDC this year. This is fantastic news in my opinion, since this award is a pretty significant nod from CCP’s peers.

The Best Live Game award recognizes the best currently-operating online game, having been launched in North America for at least 12 months (before May 2009), and distinguishing itself by that exceptional new content through expansion packs, patches, or other updates in the last 12 months, as well as a vibrant player community, high-quality community management and network operation during that period.

Congratulations to CCP on this win, it’s well deserved.

Hot on the heels of that announcement comes a press release of a brand new boxed edition of EVE, coming to retail stores near you.

This latest boxed edition will include an exclusive in-game item, the Cerebral Accelerator, which is a military-grade implant that significantly increases a new pilot’s skill development. While they are a very strong boost to nearly all abilities, these bonuses are temporary and are only effective for the first 30 days of a pilot’s life as they get up to speed in the universe.

The Commissioned Officer Edition also includes a CD key for starting a new account, 30 days paid game subscription time and an EVE poster with helpful hints and tips for getting started on the reverse side.

You can check the press release link below for some more details, there’s no official release date there but apparently it’s ready for pre-order.

I would also theorize that the super special implant the boxed copy comes with has about as much use for an existing EVE player as a small clump of belly button lint.


Michael Lastucka

Also known as Winterblink in-game. Warp Drive Active's overlord.