Alliance Tournament 7

For those of us who were worried about the future status of tournaments in EVE, worry no more: AT7 is coming soon.  Quoth the Charlie:

Starting in early September this year, you can all look forward to three weekends of mayhem and explosive action on the greatest stage in EVE.

We have some pretty exciting ideas for improvements this year to the whole show, and there will be a full blog on the tournament itself in a couple of weeks.  That will be when we announce the instructions on how to sign up, full rules, tournament format and all the rest.

As is usually the case, you armchair generals are welcome to apply to become tournament experts, whereby you attempt to publicly show the greater EVE community how much you know about PVP.  If you make the grade, CCP will fly you to Iceland to commentate on the finals.  For the prior matches, commentators are welcome to sit at home in your underwear and do the commentary from there.

More info?  Think you’re thmart?  Click below.

Source: Dev Blog

Michael Lastucka

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