DUST 514 Announced

CCP’s been busy at GDC this morning, announcing a new game in the EVE universe named DUST 514.  Information is trickling in still, but here are some highlights that came through on Twitter:

  • ‘DUST 514’ is the name – looks very Halo. great feeling of warzone
  • Been in development for three years at CCP’s Shanghai studio
  • EVE players fight in space… Dust 514 players fight on the ground… both feed together to dictate control of systems in EVE universe.
  • it’s a massively multiplayer game that ‘connects’ to the EVE universe. Dust will become an ‘input’ into who controls planets in EVE
  • backstory to the ‘cloned’ soldiers coming in an upcoming EVE book
  • takes place on the planets of EVE Online
  • …it’s a hybrid FPS and RTS set within the EVE universe, for consoles. It’s CCP’s MMO for consoles!

Interesting!  I had a sneaking suspicion that if CCP did anything console-related that it would tie in to EVE data in some way.  It’s cool to know that if you decide to step away from EVE for a time to chill out on your console you can … well, still play EVE.

Source: http://twitter.com/developonline

UPDATE 1: Video of the game from the presentation is available here.  Ummm.. WOW???

UPDATE 2: Gamasutra’s got some excellent coverage happening on DUST as well.

The team-based game has the player “fighting in a massive war” on existing planets in the EVE Online universe, and is a standalone MMO title, “but is also connected to EVE“, according to the CCP boss.

In fact, when Dust 514 launches, the map of EVE, currently divined only by player structures owned in the PC game, will also take into account infantry successes and failures within the console game. Players in the PC MMO can “fund mercenaries and give them goals” in the console title.

Oh this is getting better and better. :)

Source: http://www.gamasutra.com/php-bin/news_index.php?story=24886

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