Warp Drive Active Industry #6 – The panel edition

It’s once again time for a new episode of Warp Drive Active Industry. We have now reached episode 6. Amazing huh?

This time around there was no newsto talk about. So we brought on Athre and Shar Tegral for a small panel, about the future of the industry of eve, especially in regards to the CSM.

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#4: Busy Beni

Episode 4: download/listen

Hi there guys. Sorry for the long wait!

Unfortunately Beni has been busy lately. So despite how I poked him about every day, we haven’t been able to record till just yesterday. Because of this, I have taken over editing. So it might be a bit rough in the corners ;-)

We actually had another episode #4, but sadly it got corrupted, and was beyond recovery. So there might be missing some news, we apologize.

This month, we talk about:

  • BMBE – Ray hasn’t require retired yet, despite last months announcement!
  • Dynasty – Another nice monthly report!
  • Nanotech inc. – People thought it was a scam. But it turned out to be otherwise!
  • rawcola corp – Excellent bond share issue!
  • Amarrâs *****house! – New IPO to fuel mad mans poker addiction!

This month, we discuss if goonswarm could possibly launch an IPO?

The big question is, with the current state of the secondary market, what is hot to invest in?

This month, we have Ix Forres from RLS-eve.com and isksense.com on, his take on the API and the things it allows us to do!

Background music by AlienHand – Excellent music!

Lavista Vista.

#3: Banks, Bonds, CSM

Episode 3: download/listen

This week, we talk about:

CSM – LaVista is running for candidate. Benilopax breaks his promise of being impartial and tells you to vote for LaVista.

We bring you a clip from the excellent workshop done by Hexxx!

We talk about Dynasty banking again. This time, they withdrew their bond.

No show without EBank. This time they extend their cap limit on their accounts. More here

FIN-U is having problems. Several sound ideas were put forward

We are seeing the price of dysprosium go up and we have seen 2 cases of market manipulation. Leowen steps forward.

This was a slow news week. Hopefully next week we will have more as IPO’s release their monthly reports

#1: The Debut

Episode 1: download/listen



Out of Barge or General News

And finally, the thank you part. Thanks to Urban Mongral, Winterblink, Lavista Vista, Brent from Virgin Worlds and all the guys at EVETV for getting me into this stuff in the first place.