Factional Dispatches Day 1

So, we now live in times of war, I had made mild preparation for Factional Warfare I activated a third account (I’m a sucker for Eve, its official), and got about two weeks training on my out of the box cruiser and interceptor (almost) pilot. His name is Benedict Dauphine, a Gallente, kind of French sounding I think. As I was a new character and I had lots still to do on my main; I wanted to bypass any standings grind so I went looking for a corp. that had aligned itself with the federation. It wasn’t long before I found a corp. letting pilots of all skill levels and standings join FW alongside them, Anatolian Diligentia.

But perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself there was some interesting events just before I joined the fight, everyone read the countless news stories during downtime Minmatar attacking Yulai and Amarr space, the treacherous Caldari (got to get in character after all) landing on their old capital planet in Luminaire. In fact I watched the titan sitting over Caldari Prime and the hundreds of Gallente ships trying to destroy it sadly in vain as it was a collidable structure, indeed the server was more likely to become a wreck from the lag.

But back to the Militia, the best thing about it was the amount of time it took for me to get into a fleet to take it to the Caldari scum (like I said, in character). As soon as I was in the militia, via my new corp., I dropped an X in the chat channel within 3 seconds (yes, I counted) I was in a fleet and had my orders. So off I went towards the border, in my incursus, ready to get fighting.

The fleet itself was like an N.A.T.O. task force, not necessarily due to it’s organisation but for it’s international feel. Of course in most alliances you get players from all over the world; however it also had that feeling of many corps and players that once I may have fought in 0.0 were coming together for a greater purpose. The organisation was pretty normal for fleet ops and we quickly began to clear out command posts and bunkers, sadly our operations were halted by opportunistic Pirates and boy were they. After running with their tails between their legs when we busted a camp; they returned when we were clearing a compound. After losing a few ships we pulled back, but not without putting up a decent fight. And at that point I decided to go jogging, not sure why, perhaps to clear the adrenaline out of my blood stream.

So after 24 hours at war here are the stats:

Statistics, Caldari, Minmatar, Amarr, Gallente,

Pilots, 2321, 1403, 913, 1722

Kills yesterday, 175, 27, 29, 40

Kills last week, 0, 0, 0, 0

Kills total, 175, 27, 29, 40

Victory points yesterday, 4174, 2086, 1796, 541

Victory points last week, 0, 0, 0, 0

Victory points total, 4174, 2086, 1796, 541

Systems Controlled, 54, 42, 28, 47

So the Gallenteans, although being the second largest militia, are trailing behind the other three factions on points. However we have more kills than the Minmatar and Amarr but they each have fewer ships to face and are picking up more victory points. Until tomorrow fly safe out there, oh and, death to Caldari!