Community News, EON Wall Planner 2009

Kicking off a new Community News section of the site was something I’ve been hoping to do a long time ago.  It’s a way to get some of the news of EVE to you faster, filtering out the noise to bring some of the more interesting happenings to you sooner than before.  Note that this is not a replacement for the WDA podcast, but more of a supplement to it.  Feel free to leave feedback and let me know what you think. :)

I’ve talked the state of the podcast here and on my blog at, and haven’t podfaded.  Real life intrudes, every so often, and Urban and I are just going through some crazy busy seasons at work.  So stay tuned to my personal blog and here for more information on that as things develop.

First off, Enyalie from Veto Corp has seized an opportunity to take over in place of EON this year, which isn’t providing a wall calendar like they did for 2008.   Enyalie has provided a PDF version of a calendar for this coming year, which you can download from EVE Files here.

This should help us all fill up that soon-to-be-empty space on our walls, great job Enyalie.

Source: EON Wall Planner 2009

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