Apocrypha Downtime

Unless you’ve been living in the drone regions, you might have heard there’s an expansion going live this week for EVE.  Well, tomorrow’s the day.  The DAY.  Hint hint.  Set a long skill training, because they’ve planned for a full day’s worth of downtime.

CCP’s not about to let your EVE client get bored of course, so they’ve been gracious enough to destroy your monthly bandwidth quota with a staged series of patches.

As we launch EVE Online: Apocrypha there is quite a bit to download and to get that done as smoothly as possible we will have two patches to get the full expansion. The first patch will be made available at approximately 09:30 GMT on 10 March via the auto-patching system, and it’s a big one at about 1.35 GB. The Mac client will have one patch as it didn’t have premium content, this patch will be 2.17 GB. Once Tranquility opens we will have a second, much smaller, patch which will give your client the final version and get you ready to find those wormholes!

You poor, poor bastards with dial-up…   my condolences.

Source: Player News Center

Michael Lastucka

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