An Interesting Week

This week’s seen some interesting things happen in EVE.  A couple of patches later, CCP brings the sovereignty blocking units (SBU) to the game, allowing player alliances to fight it out once more.

No sooner does that happen, but Somal Thundir of Pandemic Legion hits the boards with this gem:

(14:31:27) jogyn: 13:30:37 Notify One of sniggerdly’s Sovereignty Blockade Units has been destroyed
(14:31:46) jogyn: they just destroyed our sbu that said invulnerable x)

mad props IT.

Broken mechanic, or exploit?  Or both?  Comedy either way given the level of irony being wielded there.

Update (14 December 2009): CCP have officially labeled this as an exploit.  Abuse it at you own peril.

So far I haven’t heard of any major news happening yet from the frontlines of the player wars, pertaining to the new sov mechanics.  Keeping an eye out though, but if you have anything to report please feel free to comment away.

EVE also celebrated breaking its PCU record last weekend, with 54181 pilots logging in at once.  Not too shabby, but at the time of this writing it doesn’t look like this weekend is going to be breaking that record.

Last week the podcast made a return, and the feedback I’ve received from folks by EVEMail and Twitter has been amazing. I’ve also got a crapload of new Skype contacts to call upon, so if you’re one of those who have sent me an add request thanks a bunch.  A new podcast should be up in a day or two, and should be something special.

In the meantime, by popular demand, I’d like to bring back the Failmail section of the podcast again (it was always planned to come back!).  There’ll be a bit of a twist, which you’ll have to wait for one of the next episodes when it comes back to find out what it is. *evil laugh*  If you have a ridiculous killmail showcasing some manner of fitting failure on the part of the unfortunate victim, toss me an EVEMail with the killboard link, or if you’re a Delicious user feel free to share the link through that to the podcast’s Delicious profile.  If you like, include any other information about the kill that you might know of.

I’ll leave you for now with a last little tidbit… in less than one week the return podcast snared well over a thousand downloads.  That’s amazing, especially since we’ve been out of print for so long.  Thanks for the support, keep the feedback coming (I listen!) and keep an eye out soon for the next ep.


Michael Lastucka

Also known as Winterblink in-game. Warp Drive Active's overlord.