Winter Expansion Page Now Live

CCP has put up an announcement page for their winter expansion, titled INCURSION. I can only hope some beefier content comes to the page in the coming days, for now it’s basically a pretty press release.

In summary, the expansion will feature:

  • Incursions into EVE space by the evil scary Sanshas, providing some random-but-possibly-interesting new PVE content.
  • New character creation, letting us all have new portraits.
  • New ships, missions, effects, etc.
  • EVE Gate improvements.
  • Hardware and software upgrades which may, or may not, improve performance during fleet fights (that’s my internal bitter vet speaking).
  • And possibly the most important improvement in the history of EVE: new forums.

I’m interested in seeing how the incursions aspect of this plays out. I’d commented here and there after playing Tabula Rasa that random, violent NPC encounters could spice things up a bit. I’m interested in seeing if they’re only going to be massively large scale in nature or whether the lone wolf pilot doing some random business will have a smaller encounter tailored for one or two people.

My guess is: No.

That being said, the Carbon character thing is proof that the tech teams for Incarna have actually produced something usable by EVE players before the world ends in 2012.


Michael Lastucka

Also known as Winterblink in-game. Warp Drive Active's overlord.