A Box of Goodies for Christmas

HolidaysChristmas is once again upon us, and the giving spirit of CCP has emerged from its gross cocoon to terrorize the universe once again. This time the festivities are spread across the next couple of weeks.

Just in time to ring in Acadian Remembrance Day, you’ll be able to log in and smack the Redeem Items button. Your reward for doing this will be a brand new snowball launcher and a pile of snowballs to use with it. Anyone who was around the last time CCP did this knows that this is a terrific tool for fun AND griefing of the unsuspecting. In other words, perfect for EVE players.

Hilariously timed to interrupt the festivities of International Human Solidarity Day, arrives your mystery box. Fuck knows what’s in it, my guess is a new ship, however others have thought it might have something to do¬†with all the Special Edition Assets items visible on the Market these days.

Finally, celebrate the creation of the Constitution along with the citizens of North Korea with the final gift from CCP. The description suggests we will be gifted with some fireworks to mess around with, items which have also recently appeared in the game’s Market. As fun as fake explosions are, the real ones are always more fun. Hopefully using these in densely packed areas of the game leads to someone’s demise.

All in all, CCP has a lot planned for us this year now that Retribution is live. If the campaign banner is any indication, space will be sparkling like a Cullen in the sun.


Michael Lastucka

Also known as Winterblink in-game. Warp Drive Active's overlord.