Windows 7 Theme Packs

CCP Ghostrider is beta testing Windows 7, and has decided to make some themes for the OS available to the EVE community.

Being a Windows 7 beta tester I have taken it upon myself to create a few EVE Online themepacks for Windows 7. If any of you are so brave as to be running the Windows 7 beta (or will be tomorrow when the public beta is released), feel free to download these themepacks and simply doubleclick them for your viewing pleasure.

For those that are not sure what themepacks are, it is a new customization feature in Windows 7. Simply put, a themepack is a pre-packaged set of desktop backgrounds, window colors, sounds and a screen saver. Windows 7 has added the ability to select multiple files as a desktop background and can automatically transition between them at set intervals.

They’re not official but they look pretty sweet.  Check them out at the link below, and nice job Ghostrider.

Source: Forum Thread

Michael Lastucka

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