Tech 3 Details Emerge, Sound Like Expensive Lego

Thanks to Asestorian on Scrapheap Challenge, details are out about Tech 3 ships.  Some of the details provided by his post (some editing by me for brevity):

  • 12,500 possible configurations.
  • Five ship components needed. Propulsion, three mid sections (offense, defense, power core) and a sensor array (bridge type thing).
  • Each section determines separate abilities. Propulsion for speed, probably offense module for weaponry, etc, etc. Not been fully decided at time of writing.
  • The combination of the modules decides the overall stats of the ship.
  • Each section requires different skills.
  • It would appear that the power core decides what other hull modules you can fit, so you can’t have a nano-ewar ship with a billion guns. I might be reading that wrong though.
  • Alternatively CCP might introduce some kind of “heat” that allows you to overload the structure of your ships to get this kind of power from one, but only for a very limited time (might just be wild imaginings of the writer though).
  • You can disassemble an assembled Tech III ship.
  • Rigs: Probably only one, and will make it harder to disassemble the ship because obviously the rig will break. No mention of actual Tech III rigs so far though.
  • There is an implication that disassembling a ship might make it lose something. Talk about crew members or a ship being ‘sentient’ and thus maybe gaining ‘experience’ or somesuch that is lost when it’s broken down. Whatever it is, it’s talk of a ship learning and becoming better through some system. Not confirmed and at this point probably going to remain on the drawing board because of balance issues. It could stay there, or it could come in later.
  • You won’t be able to tell a ships role/subsystems from scanner results.
  • Only cruiser sized Tech III ships.

Check out the thread for some more speculation and details.  I’m not sure I’ll be jumping into these day one.  Well, especially since there will no doubt be a ridiculous amount of training required to get into these.

Source: Scrapheap Thread

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