Podcast #44: Happy New Year

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Alliance Warfare News

  • POS Exploit (link)
  • BoB Abandons MAX, Fights Goons
  • Tau Ceti franchising?
  • IRON All Over the Place


Discussion and Homework

  • We discuss the Apocrypha expansion (link)
  • Blinky recommends World War Z (link)

***** CONTEST *****

  • Win $100 worth of bling from the EVE Store!!!! Listen for details!
  • Community News

    • Sleyn Peade provides Moon Mineral Data (link)
    • Alliance Tournament’s coming (link)
    • The center does not hold… (link)
    • … but GUComics tries to make it funny (link)

    Michael Lastucka

    Also known as Winterblink in-game. Warp Drive Active's overlord.