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CCP have come alive again recently, with a couple of new writups on their website.

First up is a dev blog about the upcoming addition of Wormholes to EVE.

We are going to give you uncharted, unknown places to visit via paths that shift and slide through the fabric of space. We are going to give you thousands of new solar systems which will contain new NPC’s, new exploration content and new pockets of resources to exploit.

EVE Online: Voyager, perhaps?  There seems to be some really interesting concepts with this new content.  Such as the fact that once you’re through a wormhole you have to find your way out of the system, which may not be easy.  There’s limits on what you can bring into the system once you find it, and the exits could lead you out safely or to an area of space on the other side of the cluster, smack in the middle of an alliance’s territory.

This is pretty cool stuff, especially for those who love the exploration side of EVE.  The fact that you can get in and set up shop in the systems connected to the wormholes leads to some interesting possibilities.

Source: Dev Blog

Moving along, there’s a new patch coming out today, Quantum Rise 1.05.  Patch notes are available via the link below, but don’t expect a lengthy read.  This appears to be a patch destined for the “meh” bucket.

Source: News

And finally, if you haven’t checked out the coverage yet for the Alliance Tournament, take a listen.  This tournament is audio only except for the finals happening this weekend.  The downside of this is you have to listen to someone talking about a fight, which can sometimes be as enjoyable as listening to someone describe an in-progress boxing match to you.  On the upside, at least you can listen to the fights now, versus waiting for someone to encode and distribute a series of videos.

Check the news article about the tournament here, which contains some handy links to the radio sites doesn’t the live broadcasts.  ENN is hosting most of the audio from the tournements, so check out their coverage here.

I’m on a course for the full week, so I’ll be a bit scarce for a few days. :)  Shoot someone down in my honor, will ya?

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