Skill Queue Details Lovingly Delivered by Eris

Skill queues are coming to EVE, so we can all check off that one long-asked for item from the long list.

We´re developing a skill queue. I´m expecting that the bearer of good news is praised and flattered. The CSM was happy to hear we were developing a skill queue, but their songs of praise were rather short. I expect haikus.  You may want to read on and make yourself familiar with how the queue works and the early UI mock-up.

As with everything there is a catch, and that catch is the length of time the skill training takes.

The skill training system we came up with allows you to queue skills that will start training in the next 24 hours. You can enter in up to 50 skills in a queue, as long as they all start training within 24 hours. This leaves room to start a skill that will take 6 hours, followed with one that takes 12 to complete. With only 18 hours of training prepared, the queue still has room to start another skill.

Sounds good to me, so if you want the full story with picture you can click the link below.  But first, Eris demands haiku, and I shall deliver.

the masses have asked
and this looks really gorgeous
eris is so cute

<3 blinky

Source:  Dev Blog

Michael Lastucka

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