Listen to Some English Dudes Talk About BoB

DJ FunkyBacon of EVE Radio just dropped a note on the EVE forums about a live show being done today that should shed some light no the situation with Band of Brothers, with information direct from Dianabolic of Reikoku.

Just a heads up to the community. I’ve just gotten done interviewing Dianabolic of Reikoku as to what happened from the BoB persepctive and what it all means, and he had an interesting challenge for the ones responsible. We’re presently working on getting a rep from Goonswarm to make a statement as well, and there may be reps from one or both alliances guesting on the show today.

Possibility of a Goon and BoB rep on the same live show after yesterday’s events?  Hehe, yeah :)

Check the thread out to get in on the Q&A with your own Q’s, and head to EVE Radio to listen in.

Source: EVE Thread

Michael Lastucka

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