Apocryphixes Coming

CCP has released patch notes for the upcoming 1.1 version of Apocrypha, and boy oh boy is it a biggie.  There are pages and pages of patch notes, but there’s  some notable changes coming.

Probably one of the more interesting ones is a realignment of the red-headed stepchild of EVE, the stealth bomber.  It looks like they’re being switched to a more aggressive anti-battleship platform, losing its cruise missile capabilities in favor of torpedoes and gaining the ability to use the covert cloak.  Bombs now have a faster velocity, so actually using bombers to bomb might be more effective.  Too bad the bombs are still stupidly expensive.

ECM is getting tweaked/nerfed, and I think we all know why *cough*Falcon*cough*.  The changes will either come as a blessing or a curse, depending on which end of the ECM module you frequent.

The much maligned changes to the sounds of EVE (insert sound joke here) are getting fixed as well, so you’ll soon be able to hear things which happen more than three inches from your camera position.

Click the link to see more, including  about a hundred notes about typographical and grammatical errors in EVE, and ironically enough the patch notes themselves.

Source: Patch Notes

Michael Lastucka

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