Stealthy Update That’s Awesome

Every now and then when a patch comes out in EVE, CCP sneaks in some interesting new features that nobody noticed was coming.  Well check this sucker out: the ship preview function.


It looks like CCP have been pondering ways to use their new Scene 2 technique — you know, the thing inside the fitting window that shows you a second copy of the ship you’re fitting?

So you’re shopping for a new ride and wonder what it looks like.  You’ll see this orange eye icon, and clicking it you’ll be presented an interactive preview window of the ship itself.  You can spin it around, stare at it, covet the slick assymmetrical designs of the ships of EVE without spending a dollar.

Even more cool, if you’re previewing a new tech3 Strategic Cruiser you get a little window that lets you swap the different ship components and see how they change the look of the ship.

Very clever, CCP.

So far my own experience with the new update has been pretty positive, no issues with patching and it seems to have cleared up a random crash on quit problem I was having.  So far so good!

Michael Lastucka

Also known as Winterblink in-game. Warp Drive Active's overlord.