One More Thing…

The official EVE Online soundtrack is available on iTunes.  Additional info from the fan page for Jón Hallur (RealX) on Facebook:

EVE Online Volume 1 (Original Soundtrack) by RealX (Jón Hallur Haraldsson) now available on iTunes. The audio quality is quite spectacular featuring 11 game tracks, at least 4x the quality as the in-game or ripped versions.

1 Stellar Shadows
2 Below the Asteroids
3 Rose of Victory
4 Merchants, Looters and Ghosts
5 Surplus of Rare Artifacts
6 All Which Was Lost
7 I Saw Your Ship
8 Smoke from Down Below
9 The Jovian Front
10 Shifting the BOP
11 It Ends Here

Very cool.  I haven’t purchased this myself, however I listened to the previews in iTunes and it indeed does sound really really good.  It doesn’t have some of my favorites from the game though..  *sad panda*

Source: iTunes

Michael Lastucka

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