Ebank Scammed

Risk is everywhere in EVE, and even the well-respected folks aren’t above pulling goofy stuff at the expense of others.  From Hexx, Chairman of Ebank:

Yesterday was a busy day. Here’s what we know for certain…Ricdic has scammed and engaged in RMT. He stole roughly 200 Billion of our 2.3 Trillion in deposits (8.6%). We are in the process of getting a new deposit character in place and hope to have this completed by tonight. He might have gotten away with more but Amarr Citizen 155 and Athre were able to prevent that. Please give them your thanks; I know I do.

Damn.  Now I don’t myself put any faith in player run banks, but if I were to suddenly have a change of heart in that, EBank would be the one I’d go with.  Does this change my view of the organization?  Like I said, risk is part of the game, so probably the answer would be no.  It seems like the response from the other managing type folks at EBank has been more than sensible, and the offending character’s been banned for his actions because some RMT occurred.

I still may not trust other players with my hard-earned iskies, but that’s just me.

Source: Forum Thread

Michael Lastucka

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