Podcast #37: 5th EVE Birthday Special Part 1

With EVE now five years (and 2 weeks) old we decided to put out a special show to celebrate the event and too look back to the dark days in 2003 when the game first launched.

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  • First up we have an interview with Valerie “Pann” Massey. Blinky should really turn his phone off in interviews though.
  • Pann really liked the Little Bee’s movie
  • Back in the early days of the game, the game was published by Simon & Schuster Interactive who had some weird ideas about marketing the game
  • They thought making the box look like this was a good idea. They then filled it with garishly colored crap like the manual and finally put out some horrible movies like this one.
  • Even though SSI has now shut down, we manage to snag Mike “Campion” Wallis to hear his side of things. He was the man who brought EVE to SSI and he also was EVE’s first producer. He is now the boss of Colony Studio.
  • We then move onto talking to some of the important players in the early days of the game. First up we talked to Trey Ratcliff from John Galt Games. Old school players may remember him as Ragnar, the first boss of Taggart Transdimensional Inc.
  • Just to remind you that Trey is the man in over-all charge of the Web Wars EVE Project.
  • Sadly we can’t get him to talk about Ragnar’s Magic Hat, but its OK, Urban remembers!
  • We then welcome two of the m0o veterans Stavros for about the 9 millionth time on the show and Vegeta.
  • Incidentally, the background music we have used for the interview segments is “the shadow of the sun” by Alienhand. Thanks very much for letting us use the tune sir!

Anyway we hope you’ve enjoyed this mammoth look back at the early days of EVE, we will (with luck) be doing some more shows based on the events of other years. No promises and no time frames, but we would really like to do this.

Lead out tune, “Time Warp” from the Rocky Horror Show.

P.S. Congratz to Lavista Vista and all the other successful candidates.

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Michael Lastucka

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