Help Kill Lag. Again.

At FanFest a couple of years ago, Hilmar promised “no more lag!” to the masses in attendance.  Surprisingly, and within the time period promised, it had looked like the goal had been accomplished.  Apparently, we all missed the wink, which meant “for a while”.

It’s no surprise to anyone who plays EVE that lag has reared its ugly ass again, especially since the recent Dominion expansion.  Luckily for us, CCP Tanis is on the case:

Howdy folks,

We are looking into the situation surrounding medium/large scale fleet battles, both in low-sec and also in 0.0. To get to the bottom of this we must run a series of mass-tests against both Dominion code and pre-dominion code.

“Howdy”?  People still say that?  Anyway it looks like the problem will be solved just in time for the holidays–

These tests will begin Tuesday, January 5 at 5pm UTC. They are expected to last for about 2 hours, each. We need at least 100 pilots, preferably 500+… the more people who show up, the better.

Test schedule:
Tuesday January 5 @ 17:00 GMT (0.0 Fleet/Sov tests)
Thursday January 7 @ 17:00 GMT (Low-sec FacWar tests)

— oh.  Well… holidays 2010 then.  Bummer.

Anyways, click below for the full details on how to take part in the test.  For those who haven’t worked on the test server before, you might want to pay special attention for how to set up a test client, lest ye mangle thine own Tranquility client.

These are really good opportunities to help CCP out with issues like these, so if you have the time on those days then I highly recommend at least trying to get in there, so they can collect whatever data they need to.


Michael Lastucka

Also known as Winterblink in-game. Warp Drive Active's overlord.