Sixth Annual Get Drunk in Icelandfest


Details have (officially) emerged about this year’s Fanfest.

It is time once again to start marking your calendars and making your reservations for the 2009 Fanfest in Reykjavik, Iceland! Get ready for another weekend of PVP tournaments, hanging out with the developers, and partying in a sea of fellow EVE Online fans. As always, Fanfest attendees will be treated to videos and announcements on the future of EVE and what players can expect in the upcoming expansions.

CCP Tyr somehow manages to forget to mention Iceland’s Penis Museum.   Anyway..

I’m sure your dollar will go a lot further in Iceland this year compared to previous Fanfests.  And even if that’s not the case, the two Fanfests I’ve been to in the past tell you that this will be a blast.

Source: Dev Blog

BoB Reloaded

KenZoku, the alliance formerly known as Band of Brothers, has been renamed to Band of Brothers Reloaded by CCP.  As explained by CCP’s own GM Grimmi:

This action was limited to changing their name, as we have done before for others – we did not assist them in regaining their sovereignty after the Band of Brothers alliance was disbanded, nor did we assist with that now. Any other corporation or alliance finding themselves in the same situation would get the same treatment.

This action alone gives BoBR a huge advantage over every alliance in the game, and proves CCP favoritism—

Oh wait, it doesn’t.

If only there was a way to harness the energy of forum-based nerd rage over non-issues.  For a good laugh, read through the posts on the EVE forum thread.

Source: Forum Thread

Apigrypha: The New Bacon

So Apocrypha’s out, and it’s pretty nifty in my opinion.  There’s a lot of really cool stuff out for us to play in, and another interesting baconesque item has surfaced.

Wormholes collapse based on a couple of criteria, one of which is the amount of mass which passes through them.  A sleek little frigate can come and go quite often, but that fatty battleship of yours might collapse it immediately.  The game client only gives you a rough description of that maximum cumulative waistline size in the wormhole’s info window, however apparently more concrete data is available though more data dumpish means.

I imagine someone will come up with a tool to help with the acquisition of this information.  Well, more helpful than the fact that CCP gives you one as part of the default game install. :)  I haven’t tried this myself, but I imagine if this catches on CCP will probably shut the door on it.

Source: Forum Post

Apocrypha Downtime

Unless you’ve been living in the drone regions, you might have heard there’s an expansion going live this week for EVE.  Well, tomorrow’s the day.  The DAY.  Hint hint.  Set a long skill training, because they’ve planned for a full day’s worth of downtime.

CCP’s not about to let your EVE client get bored of course, so they’ve been gracious enough to destroy your monthly bandwidth quota with a staged series of patches.

As we launch EVE Online: Apocrypha there is quite a bit to download and to get that done as smoothly as possible we will have two patches to get the full expansion. The first patch will be made available at approximately 09:30 GMT on 10 March via the auto-patching system, and it’s a big one at about 1.35 GB. The Mac client will have one patch as it didn’t have premium content, this patch will be 2.17 GB. Once Tranquility opens we will have a second, much smaller, patch which will give your client the final version and get you ready to find those wormholes!

You poor, poor bastards with dial-up…   my condolences.

Source: Player News Center

Apocrypha Trailer Out

The new full trailer for Apocrypha’s out, and available for download.  You could go to CCPGames’ Youtube channel and watch it in crapvision, but you really want to just hit the link below and see the full 1080p version.

It’s an interesting trailer from a marketing perspective.  Its vision of EVE is nice, I just miss the days when EVE trailers showed EVE.  I’ll blog more about that on shortly.

Source: EVE Videos

POS Exploit Blog, Heaven if You Love Graphs

If you like line graphs and diagrams, boy have CCP got a blog for you.  We finally receive the wrapup report on the POS exploit, courtesy of CCP Lilith.

The POS exploit has now been researched thoroughly both from the technical perspective as well as with regard to the impact on the economy in EVE Online.   We have left no stone unturned in order to be able to understand how this bug came into our code and why it was not spotted sooner, learning from this event in order to help prevent this from happening again in the future.

Click on, and be amaaaaaaaaazed.

Source: Dev Blog