Comic #184: Pimp My Patch

Today’s epic patch contained a single patch note: “EVE Client fixes related to the new Single Sign On mechanism”. Sounds simple enough, but the result was a launcher that didn’t work at all. They got on a fix as soon as possible, and things are currently working just fine with the new launcher looking pretty snazzy.

The downside is for some people (myself included) your user preferences will be screwed when you fire the game up.  If that happens, check out the post by Byrrssa Crendraven in this thread that details a fix, which will involve moving around some settings files. Remember to back up both source and destination folders first.

Update: Just a heads up to folks, an easier fix for the user settings issue is to simply shut down EVE, close the launcher, and then reopen it.  Your old settings should then be ready to rock and roll for you.

Also, the comic is meant to be ironic, so yes it doesn’t fit the meme 100% on purpose. :)


Comic #183: Stretch Goal

For a brief moment today the EVE is 10 page showed the true breadth of the community’s determination to get free anniversary awards. They’ve since fixed it, but even with a day to do it seems everyone really wants a free Magnate to play with.

Not to mention the utter horror Jita is going to be with 100 fireworks unlocked per hour.


Comic #182: Something to Do

Even if the stream is screwed for this weekend’s Alliance Tournament X finals, you will still have something to do with this convenient bingo card. Enjoy!

Lets hope that the good karma gained by CCP beating the shit out of the streaming server that failed last week will help keep things together for the finals, otherwise the forum moderators will be pulling overtime playing Whac-a-Mole with all the rant threads. But then what would EVE AT finals day be without its share of drama?


Stopping Midstream

Comic #181: Stopping Midstream

It really sucks when something even the presenters were looking forward to seeing gets cut off like this due to technical issues. At this point it’s still unknown whether was due to issues at CCP’s end or their streamer’s, but history with Alliance Tournaments have shown there’s no perfect solution for presenting this kind of EVE content to the masses.

They have, however, nailed the timing aspect of ticking everyone off. :)

In CCP’s defense, a repeated broadcast of the Pandemic Legion vs. Kill It With Fire match was done just after five thousand people switched off the stream. Whether this was due to them just getting up to go do something else, rage at the outage, or the eardrum-raping dubstep mix broadcast just after the tournament switched off is anyone’s guess…



Comic #180: Macromistake

Seriously, I’m really curious who came up with the pricing for the items in the new Noble Exchange. Not only are the players’ jaws on the floor about this, but gaming media is all over this.

Don’t get me wrong, I can see the value in microtransactions for the MMO industry. Other games are making a mint off of selling people items and services for a few bucks here and there, but they sure didn’t get buy-in from players by selling virtual monocles for $70. Incarna, and subsequent immersion-oriented expansions to do more with our now-bodied avatars, will do well with properly managed microtransaction content, but pricing like this shows that someone over there at CCP doesn’t quite get it.


Comic #179: Lonewolf Sandbox

The new Tyrannis trailer’s pretty awesome. If you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend you do so immediately. Skip the IGN failgasm version and head to EVE-Files for the 720p version, crank the sound, and enjoy.

Just no rollback jokes.

Just fyi, I’ve been going back to the back-catalog of comics starting from the oldest ones and moving forward to the newer ones, putting them back online. I’m still not done, but it’s getting there, so thanks for being patient. :)

UPDATE: CCP has the high resolution version of the trailer available for download by clicking here. 1080p, here we come!

Comic #178: Knock Em Down

So the new Dominion expansion was announced lately, apparently having a lot to do with sovereignty changes.  To that I say, thank GOD.

It really is something that’s needed in EVE.  That’s not to be all emo about the current state of affairs of course, just that the existing mechanics have proven to have issues when you look at it from a long-term perspective.  For those who have been involved in alliance wars you know what I speak of, but I suppose it depends on the role you’ve chosen to play in the grand scheme.

Anyway, lets wait and see what interesting things CCP has in store for us. :)

Comic #177: Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Holy crap it’s been a while.   But I have to tell you, all the emorage stuff going on about DUST 514 has put a smile on my face.  It’s really shocking how protective the EVE community is about its game, and while it’s really disconcerting to see how much brainless speculation has occurred, it’s also pleasing to me that the players care about EVE that passionately.

Comic #175: Late Night

What the!  A new comic, no way!  Yes way.

Yeah I’ve been busy, we all have.  Urban’s getting his work life sorted so podcasts will be on the backburner for the time being unless I come up with a more lightweight form factor for the short term.  We’ll see.

In the meantime I’ve been plunking around with the new expansion and largely have had a lot of fun with it.

The latest mess with BoB is both hilarious and disappointing.  Hilarious becauase people are just idiots, disappointing because it really shows how sad the EVE community can be.  If it had been done to Goonswarm the same people would have been laughing instead of folding a new tinfoil hat.