Comic #180: Macromistake

Seriously, I’m really curious who came up with the pricing for the items in the new Noble Exchange. Not only are the players’ jaws on the floor about this, but gaming media is all over this.

Don’t get me wrong, I can see the value in microtransactions for the MMO industry. Other games are making a mint off of selling people items and services for a few bucks here and there, but they sure didn’t get buy-in from players by selling virtual monocles for $70. Incarna, and subsequent immersion-oriented expansions to do more with our now-bodied avatars, will do well with properly managed microtransaction content, but pricing like this shows that someone over there at CCP doesn’t quite get it.


Michael Lastucka

Also known as Winterblink in-game. Warp Drive Active's overlord.

  • Mara Rinn

    The Noble Exchange is for luxury items. When CSM said “vanity items only”, CCP said, “okay!”

    Can’t get more vain than spending $70 on a pretend monocle for a doll you don’t even own, just because it looks cool :)

  • Talis Mahn

    I get the feeling that someone in marketing was let off the leash at CCP. “All these other MMOs are making money off the Micro transactions we can too!” But didn’t pay attention to what the others were charging. That’s why you never let Marketing anywhere near development. I ran into that way too often when I worked IT. “We sold this customer this product!” IT, “Umm that product doesn’t work.”

  • ZeeWes

    I’d totally pay $70 for a monocle, if I got a real one shipped to my house as well…I would even be willing to throw in a little extra for the ozone to jump it here.