Comic #174: Press Start to Cook

First comic of 2009! Yeah it’s been a bit since I got back to these, thankfully non-game stuff has let up enough for me to get back to doing the things I love doing, EVE wise.

Podcasts are back, as you might have already noticed, and the community news thing has been well received by folks I’ve talked to. Recently redid the theme on and now I’m looking back at my to-do list for this site and seeing how it can be improved. Fun fun. :)

#172: A Pre-Nerf

Whew, been a while eh?  Been pretty swamped with real life stuff on my weekends, but I’ve been keeping myself busy with some other aspects of EVE including (but not limited to) playing it, writing about it, and keeping up with all the Fanfest news, not to mention all the stuff with the new patch.

If you’ve not seen the coverage coming from Fanfest this year, it’s pretty great.  Community coverage has totally outpaced conventional media coverage of it, which is something I always love to see. :)

Podcast isn’t dead, just on a slight hiatus as Urban is busy as hell with his job, and new ENV is just about ready to go live.

#167: Also Available as an Audiobook

I have to say I’ve not seen a patch with as many individual changes such as this.  It’s truly an impressive work on the part of CCP really.  1.1 is basically wholesale bug squashing, so while it’s light on whiz-bang features it should make the overall experience a lot better for folks.

A quick note, it seems got nailed with a javascript trojan.  Most virus scanners will catch it and warn you, it’s something at my hosting provider’s end so I’m having them look into the issue for me.  Definitely not intentional.  Will keep you all updated.

#166: NXUS-6

A recent discussion on the EVE forums brought about the notion of player-made billboards in EVE.  This topic tends to come up every once in a while, and in fact had been talked about by CCP as a potential feature.  Nothing’s materialized yet, of course, but if they do I can only hope they moderate the submissions. :)

#165: When You Gotta Go

I think we’ve all been there.  :)  Fleet fights are pretty interesting that way really, there’s usually such a presence of mind required when a situation is at hand, and unlike a lot of games there’s not a lot of possibility for you to take a rest.

I think a lot of that is the fact we’re not raiding NPCs really, but against people with some skills, and things can happen at any time.