#161: Honesty in Ratings

Well the Empyrean Age trailer came out, to much fanfare. It was pretty epic overall, especially the last 20 seconds of totally computer-generated imagery where an Amarr Abaddon wtfpwns a whole Minmatar fleet with a spectacular superweapon which will never exist in the game outside of the story.

Let me tell you, the whole thing looks incredible on my home theater. :)

#160: His Favorite Gun

Anyone who hasn’t already seen Clear Skies should do so immediately. It’s definitely one of the most unique EVE videos ever done. :)

It can get lonely in space, filming machinima. The real question here is: who’s taking the pictures? Dun-dun-DUNNNNN…

A special thanks to Ian Chisholm for not only taking the time to pose his best buddies for the pictures. Nice touch leaving yourself out of this one. :)

#159: Save the Donuts Save the World

Every once in a while I’m rolling around through Empire space and run across a ridiculous pile of CONCORD at gates. I can only assume there’s some kind of hunger-related reasons they’re so willing to dispatch a giant fleet of ships to rescue someone’s freighter.

The Empyrean Age expansion’s been announced to be coming out in 9 days, so for those of you who plan on joining up with a militia, enjoy the protection of CONCORD while you still can. :)

#158: Alcohol Was a Factor

By now most people have seen the really nifty teaser for the upcoming Empyrean Age expansion. The thing that was really entertaining were the various war threads happening. After the Caldari one started up I felt it was only prudent to provide a Gallente response.

Most folks are pretty pumped for this expansion. One thing’s for sure, it will definitely change everyone’s experience with EVE, if you opt in for taking part.