Council of stellar management is in full swing!

Hello there.

I’m Charlie “LaVista” Eriksen, the 8th member of the council of stellar management. This will be the first post in a series, which will talk about the council and the progress its making.

I’m not quite going to cover the election result as most people already know about it at this point. But you can find a comprehensive devblog about it here.

At this point, CSM have been in office for about 2 weeks. We have had 2 meetings thus far. The column will give you the details about these meetings and outlines the important things which were discussed. If you don’t have time to read the chatlogs, CCP will release the minutes done by the secretaries, which will sum up all the discussions.

So just because you didn’t run for CSM, it doesn’t mean you won’t get comprehensive information! Chat logs from the meeting are released shortly afterwards the meeting being officially closed by the chairman.

So the first meeting took place on the 24th, 3 days after the election result was in. The chatlogs are to be found here. The meeting was characterized by a lack of structure of the meetings. The agenda was had to be decided just prior to the meeting, which ment people weren’t able to prepare in advance. This was one of the things which we learned from the first meeting.

The first order of business was to elect a Vice-chairman, as per the CSM document. It came to a vote between Serenity Steele and Bane Glorious. It was an extremely close outcome, but Serenity Steele became the vice-chair with a 5/4 outcome.

Next order of business was the secretary position. Due to Serenity winning the Vice-chair position, Ankhesentapemkah was unopposed and elected unanimously after a vote.

The last position to be filled was the vice-secretary. Due to the people who signed up for vice-secretary already having a role, nobody was up for election. Dierdra Vaal volunteered for the position and was unanimously elected for the position.

This lead to the discussion topics of the night, which was a concern, was raised about the amount of tools which CSM had for communication. A CSM-Only forum was thus requested.

Next thing that was requested was that an indicator/icon was provided for CSM members, so people could see which topics had CSM interaction. CCP Xhagen agreed and suggested that it would be implemented during the week after.

The second weeks meeting was a vast improvement from the first one(Chatlog here). The agenda was completed on time, and 10 issues were brought forward for the Iceland agenda. There were:

  • Removal of 30/90 day time cards.
  • Jump Bridges and Cyno-jammers fix.
  • Log Server exploitation/BACON.
  • Skill Queue Functionality?
  • 5% rule is too strict.
  • Kill Rights should be transferable.
  • Alliances in Faction Warfare.
  • Funky POS alterations.
  • Improve Black Ops.
  • Make suicide ganking more difficult

Some trivial matters were addressed at the start of the meeting, like confirmation of template documents and the agreement to releasing chatlogs. Some good things came out of this meeting indeed, which made it very trivial.

This was a short outline of the meetings. A more in depth document will be released by CCP soon™, once the minutes provided by the secretaries are released.

Thanks for reading.