Rush for vacant space

Executive summary: BOB take back Period Basis, MC disbands. Still catching up with changes in my own corp, so apologies if this reads like the history channel, not a current news report. One more posting and the backlog should be cleared.

Late April to Mid-May 2008, part 2

The second large change during the April to May timeframe involved, of course, the rather rapid fall of Tortuga which began with a BOB-led attack on H74 in Southern Querious. The Waagaa-version of Molle’s original announcement has some more information on the initial attack, and the first POSs went down rather quickly. Given the numbers involved ownership of H74 changed quickly, with BOB launching another titan (Dianabolic) for good measure.

The GBC used their forward momentum and moved straight towards 1-N and EIMJ-, two sovereignity systems in Period Basis, to disable the cyno jammers; capitals quickly followed into the systems and reinforced all towers.

As so frequently the events surrounding the attack turned out to be more interesting than the (lack of) actual fights. Krall Amarr, an ETNY pilot with a titan under construction, tried to save his ship by not only negotiating with BOB — which was sanctioned –, but by also handing over billions in ISK and POS passwords, allowing a Tortuga fleet to be DD’d within their own POS.


During some rather hilarious chatlogs, during which a friend of mine (who isn’t even in BoB) posed as Galavet to convince him to contract some stuff to my alt, Krall Amarr went from “I’ll never betray MC” to “I’ll do whatever you want to save my Titan under construction”. In less than a week.

Got to love this game. The build of the titan was aborted rather swiftly and Krall kicked, getting rid of any further incentives for negotiation (image link); Krall himself is under new ownership these days. Given that one of ODD’s motherships in built was also removed — in this case rather accidently — I can see KiaEddz having a bit of an heart attack regarding his shiny new toy, but at the end of the day they KIA managed to deploy their new Leviathan. Didn’t help with their stations


I see KIA lost 2 key station systems in HIX and E2-

.. but that was to be expected. Given the scope of the event there’s been plenty of debriefs. Just to highlight a few, the posts around this one on SHC are actually readable, as are the first two pages on CAOD. KIA’s viewpoint is, of course, worth spending some time with, as is this reply. Sel’s official announcement to fold the MC flag is one long thread but includes lots of good reading material and we got the mandatory discussion of Mercs in Eve, just to get you started.

The end of Tortuga and MC, along with the fall of TRI, left a bit of a vaccuum. BOB, among other entities, will have to start looking for new targets — if someone’s figured out already who Max is.. let me know. And no, I doubt it’s linked to Goonswarm’s new organization (img link).

One of the likely target areas for GBC forces is of course Fountain and Bruce.. who actually seem to be busy enough handling Pandemic Legions and Sons of Tangra. Rumours of BRUCE siding with BOB got squished rather quickly as another BRUCE mothership dies and Y-2 changes hands (the station was actually in possession of BLAST who bought it from Pure), causing — among other turmoil — BRUCE’s executor corp to leave.


Also without really trying, it appears BoB will have captured Y-2 soon.

BRUCE towers have been running out of fuel all over Fountain, and this has extended to Y-2 (not a surprise, they never really made a real effort to do anything about Y-2). Even PNQY staging POS BRUCE used once ran out of fuel — so I think BoB figured if they put one bait POS into y-2 they might actually capture the system with it one day.

To make matters worse, some of the Ex-TRI corporations (namely SPA, Cora and Illuminati) reform Cruel Intentions together with AWAR and move to Fountain, too; while Illuminati might have moved on to PL by now this is probably not much of a consolation for BRUCE pilots. A return of BRUCE to Cloud Ring seems also unlikely as the area has come under combined attack from eVOKE and Unnatural Selection who went for 9-4, deployed POS and evicted 10th Legion from the area before moving on to G8AD and XZH:


With BRUCE busy dealing with ‘internal issues’, they became useless in Cloud Ring, leaving CR held by only overly small alliances with no supercaps.

Ev0ke dropped 4 POS in 9-4, riding their fairly burly supercap fleet for security and waited a week for sovereignty to drop. This occurred, and they shot and took the 9-4RP station without significant incident.

Following this, they made a Euro TZ assault on the cynojammer in XZH. As near as I can tell, Tenth did not have POS gunners and tacklers in place, and less than an hour later the jammer was down and a large number of supercaps were in the field. Tenth was told by BRUCE that no help would be forthcoming, and agreed to terms for withdrawal of their assets.

Residents of Syndicate seem to be breathing a sigh of relief after the departure of UNNAT, although everyone did seem to enjoy the regular fights (kb link) in the area. There’s been plenty of skirmishes, even POS fights (joint ops with Outbreak/evoke, img link) and pretty fluid battle lines. The Un-Nat summary:


1) We moved into 35- and have not been pushed out yet, despite being heavily outnumbered.
2) none of our large pos’s have been destroyed
3) We have started to move into the s-u cluster area its self now that we have the large pos in ZV-
4) we get big fights daily and whatever people say on here, were all having a good time, isk efficiency or not
5) We have actually grown larger as this conflict has gone on, and have grown more centralized/organized

Bad Things:

1) we havent stolen any high end moons yet
2) none of the enemy alliances have given up yet
3) sacul is still a noob :D

Which of the bad things made them actually leave the area I wouldn’t dare to guess. Also not quite sure who is now in possession of the valuable moons in the Syndicate area:


Un-Nat owns several of the northern Syndicate high end moons, RA own a few more with Crescent and Hammer (RA vassal I believe) owning several more on top of that. Cosmic Anamolies still have one, and the southern collection is split between NOTR/Huzzah/OSS.

Speaking of RA and valuable moons, the fight in Stain is still going on; in this particular case RA traded 16 of their capitals for 27 SE dreads and carriers via another hotdrop; round two saw MASS and Coven struggling with each other. After a brief NAP between BOB and Stain Forces it’s seems to have calmed down a bit, though.

Which also is ‘mostly’ true for Catch, another GBC target area. Fights seem be rather muted; while -A- did cause trouble to IAC’s jumpbridges in B-3 (kb link) they seem to be holding back somewhat. Probably just as well as it allows IAC to recover for a bit; only a question of time before FAT comes under attack again from the next residents of Querious.

In the North the departure of TRI has triggered a gold rush for the vacant areas, and I’m still confused about who is moving where. In Deklein, Project Alice (driven by cormer MC corps ETNY and Vidar) pushed in and were met by IRON and RA (!) halfway along the way, the latter wasting no time in taking the EC- station system.

Other Ex-Tortuga members Daisho (augmented by some Odyssey corps) announce their first joint op with KIA on a contract vs Hydra. Somewhat bad timing as any threat to sovereignty is likely to be countered by the Northeners who no longer have to worry about TRI/CELES. At least that new titan is being used actively. There’s likely another titan active in the area as Daisho are rumoured having bought the CONIN titan which was apparently for sale. And yes, that’s quite likely tinfoil.

Just hope they are careful with it; just as a reminder how fragile supercaps are Cosmic Anomalies, former SMASH allies, lost two of their motherships to an ad-hoc coalition of CI, Conin and others in Placid:


Two Chaos Incarnate mother ships were spotted sieging a Cosmic Anomalies POS in Alperena (Placid lowsec).

No, we’re not blue to Cosmic, but mother ships are good eating. We hooked up with Star Fraction, Contraband Inc, and some folks from Prophets of a Damned Universe to try to get numbers up for breaking a dual MS tank. We figured there was a pretty solid chance that CI had the rest of their gang just waiting for the MS to clear POS mods and would escalate once tackled.

Killboard link one, two and a third one (Aeon) down just a day later when logging back in. Hope that Cosmic Anomalies-owned moon in Syndicate generates plenty of ISK.