Focus on the drone regions

Yay for real life winning over Eve. Might as well call this ‘Eve History’ rather than news, but maybe be still useful as a reference to some. Here goes… CELES folds, Smash/RK/Atlas/Fix get pushed out of the Drone regions

Large regions of the map have seen changes in ownership in June as entities continue to grab space that’s become available after the collapse of TRI, MC, Insurgency and other factions. Still, the only area that’s seen major fights are the drone regions and Geminate, where GS moved in to support IRC and friends, pushing back Smashkill, FIX, -V- and allies, attacking systems like M-MD31 (Roadkill, Sov3), IOO (Geminate, Roadkill) and R-6 early on.

Attacks on BWF and BQ0 were coordinated with Solar Dragons and IRC, supported by Kia Tolon in a new Erebus (mandatory tinfoil: it’s deadtear’s reimbursement). The attacks succeeded in gradually taking back the region from FIX:


BQ0 is one of three station systems in what used to be the DMC super-cap construction constellation. After DMC had a falling out with RA over a pricing dispute, the space was owned by Ka-tet, and for a brief time, Carpe Universitas. Smashkill removed the latter, and turned the space over to FIX and -V-. Not long after, Solar Wing, etc., made an attempt to force the new tenants out before they could muster Sov 3. They were unsuccessful, and withdrew for a time. A week or three has passed, and now they are back.

Solar Dragons eventually regained control of BQ0 and IRC took GK3, quickly followed by the loss of the third FIX-controlled station. With the drone regions more or less secured attention shifted to Geminate and massive fights over BWF in particular. GS gained POS superiority and took over the station, declaring it an open space for everyone. Attempts by Roadkill and friends to regain the system resulted in some GS losses, but the attack came pretty much to a halt after another mothership loss for Roadkill.

From there the whole affair turned into a bit of a rout. 8MG, next to BWF, was next, and despite a Smashkill hotdrop that cost the by-now somewhat careless GS fleet a number of capitals, all POS in system as well as those in X-9 were eventually removed, resulting in the loss of RK’s Sov4 P-E / BND home system. With Smashkill support gone ATLAS starts to pack up and leave the drone regions for Empire:


SF, x.i.x, IRC and ED are taking FIX space and harassing ATLAS in Oasa/Perrigen falls. No Smashkill fleets sighted, which means they are all in geminate.

Not surprisingly, the last few stations changed hands quickly (WW-, B-7) as defence ops cease to take place both in the drone regions and Geminate, leaving Solar Fleet and xDx with enough breathing space to remove Ka-Tet from the R-3 area en-passant. Goonswarm continues to clean up the Smashkill systems, but the process seems to be struggling with participation issues due to the lack of any serious defense.

As Mostly Harmless ponder whether they are next, KIA — who helped on the GS side after wrapping up their campaign vs Hydra — move into the area (another good report), FIX reset standings and move to roam in the Querious region, Smash sheds about half of their members and I’m not quite sure where Roadkill might end up.

In the North, major POS ops slowed down as the inevitable happens — Darth stepping down and Insurgency disbanding shortly afterwards, but not without the usual drama over corp assets being stolen. In another power move RA seems to have decided that they want Cloud Ring and Fade for themselves, taking over 6NJ, the C4C Malice station as well as P-2 from ATF who cannot hold the system even with help from Un-Nat and eVoke (kb link). I’ve yet to see an official response to this from the Northeners, but it seems safe to assume that they’ve come to some kind of arrangement. Looking forward to see what kind of impact this will have (mid- to long-term) on the Northern coalition’s politics, and how RA’s control over a large amount of valuable moons will continue to influence the game. They are certainly not shy about defending assets once they’ve acquired them, this time resulting in the loss of 2 Styx moms and several capitals during an unsupervised op in Arida.

As RA take over Fade, other smaller entities such as Project Alice and Daisho scramble to leave the region in time, the former playing nice with GS, the latter deciding to try try their luck in Fountain and arriving in the middle of an Axe/Goodfellas vs CI/SoT/PL POS op, joining on the AXE side. After receiving a warm welcome, PL-style, (minus one Aeon, a couple of capitals and a POS) Daisho decided to move elsewhere — the drone region for now, assisting KIA, GS and Co with the Roadkill cleanup. Completing the game of musical chairs BRUCE stop playing with Cruel Intentions in Fountain, yield PNQ to PL and Y-2 to BOB before moving to Syndicate on accounts of being too heavily infiltrated. Might have been worthwhile to consider an arrangement with PL instead, but it seems leadership has been in disarray for a while now.

Whether Syndicate is the best area for BRUCE to move to remains to be seen; local residents Huzzah and others have gone back to shooting each other after the departure of Un-Nat as well as killing motherships; Cry Havoc fight with Cosmic Anamalies over one of their many POS (either alone or with Star Fraction and Pandemic Legion involvement), and while NOTR disbands there’s enough folks left to provide BRUCE with a warm welcome by dismantling their POS and fleets.

POS and moons continue to drive other conflicts, such as Cosmic Anomalies’ attempt to defend their Outer Ring towers from Razor (not quite successful); likewise, Stain sees continued fights between MASS/RA and SE/Coven/etc over mineral resources. And for once I can simply point at an excellent summary of the history of the conflict, courtesy of C0ven’s Voulture.

In Catch the fight between IAC and AAA continues to be somewhat low key, although -A- took over another IAC station system (V2) despite CVA assistance to IAC. With TCF stopping by in Providence now and then (apparently still one of the prime recreational PvP areas) as well as Tercios Alliance taking FAT with BOB support the region has the potential to see some bigger fights soon.

BOB in the meantime seem to be on vacation and gearing up for MAX, their cap-ship heavy plan to pillage areas as they move across the Eve map in an attempt to once again irritate enough people to kick off another great war. Bonus points for the announcement with style, and a standing ovation for this thread on something awful which I’ve discovered way too late. Sometimes you find the best discussions in the most unlikely places. In-game, GBC/BOB are all over the place with roaming gangs, fighting Hydra, IAC/-A-, visit the North (Finfleet) and Venal (Dice) or cleaning up parts of Fountain.

And if you still haven’t had enough BOB-related links, there’s the drama about Hegemon Rast indeed not having any lunch money after Shrike’s Avatar loss. The topic is discussed in depth over at SHC with feedback from Blacklight, and there’s another summary at the Tribune. Oh. And just in case you _really_ are no longer playing Eve, Faction Warfare has finally hit the server. Summary here, videos there, preliminary map around the corner. Give it a try!