Podcast #45: Explicit Tag

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Fuck the iTunes “Clean” tag, it’s my turn to edit this bitch. It’s also the reason you’re getting this a couple of days after recording and not a couple of weeks later, because Urban is made of fail.

Alliance Warfare News

  • BoB becomes KenZoku (link)
  • Pandemic Legion wins the Tourney


  • Jest Best (link) vs GutsyGecko (link)
  • Bonus! Mindfire (link)

Discussion and Homework

  • Premium Light (link)
  • Brent’s Predictions (link)
  • Urban recommends Parrots, The Universe, and Everything (link)

Community News

  • Tournament! Pandemic Legion won. (link)
  • EVE website revamp
  • EVE meet in London (link)
  • Verone has hair (link)
  • EVE Vegas (link)

Michael Lastucka

Also known as Winterblink in-game. Warp Drive Active's overlord.

  • Bel Amar

    Any idea when we can see this in the feed? Downloading and manually synching with my ipod is such a painful process :\

  • Chadstick

    Hey, just an FYI. Prostitution is only legal in certain areas in Nevada, Vegas not being one of them. As I understand it, it’s based on population but don’t quote me on that.

  • bp92009

    By the way Urban and Winterblink, Skunkworks is a US Military design program responsible for many military breakthroughs (like jet fighter that actually worked). They started in June 1943, and it is still there. They don’t make boosters, they make new fighters.