EBANK: Art Imitating Life

Ray McCormack of EBANK had a rather disconcerting statement to make about EBANK today.

It is with deep regret that we inform you of our decision to suspend certain banking activities with immediate effect. As of now both withdrawals and interest are frozen until further notice. This decision has not come lightly, we have critically analysed all aspects of the business and decided it is in the best interest of our customers and the long-term sustainability of the bank that these actions be taken.

Yes, lets analyze the issue of losses here, from the thread:


Losses to date have occurred as follows:
1. ~250b – Ricdic Theft.
2. ~380b – Loan Defaults
3. >48b – Share Losses
4. ~466b – Interest Paid
5. ~75b – Salaries

75 billion lost due to SALARIES?  Really?  To be clear, at least according to this post, they paid themselves more than their estimated losses due to Share Losses.

Ok, who wants to start the discussion about trust in EVE?

Source: EVE Thread

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