Podcast #53: Did You Just Blow Me a Kiss?

Warp Drive Active Podcast

Hot Drop Target: Yon89, Shou Ning

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I try to get as many random people as possible to talk about Tyrannis with zero notice. I manage to catch Yon89 while he’s at work, and interrupt Shou Ning’s evening watching movies with his kiddo. In typical fashion, we end up talking about cows, Avatar, and some sort of upcoming expansion for EVE. Oh, and we get spammed, live.

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Episode Music:

In Our Bedroom After the WarStars
“The Night Starts Here” (mp3)
from “In Our Bedroom After the War”
(Arts & Crafts)

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Michael Lastucka

Also known as Winterblink in-game. Warp Drive Active's overlord.