Podcast #36: Drugs are Bad

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Alliance News

Discussion and Homework

  • In Discussion point this week, we raise a glass to 5 years of EVE. Congratulations everyone and heres to the next 5 years!
  • We also do a little guide to Drugs, Well Combat boosters, to be precise. Give yourself that little edge in Pew-Pew and hope to avoid the side effects.
  • For homework this week Urban recommends Persian fire the real story behind the film 300.

Community News

  • EVE Cast is back!, and kicks of with lots of awesome info with the CSM candidates.
  • Speaking of the CSM, there is a new forum, Jita Park Speakers Corner.
  • Voting has begun for the CSM. Registered players can go here to vote .
  • Music news! Yet another new radio station start us Tri Radio, The alliance may be gone but the radio continues (for now).

Lead out tune, “Everybody must get stoned” by Bob Dylan.

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