Dominion Deployment, and New Site

OMG EVE IS DEAD!!! Well I guess it kind of is for a little while, so CCP can drop Dominion onto the servers.  I hope you’ve done yourself a favor and set a long skill to train, you never know how things things can go. I mean just take a look at the busted news feeds on the right. Sheesh!


If you’re curious what the hell Dominion is, or just want to watch it again for the billionth time like me, here’s the trailer in all of its glory.

So wait, holy crap, what the hell Blinky, where have you been?  What’s happened to the site?  OMG!  Well things have been pretty hectic lately but I haven’t been just sitting on my laurels.  I decided on a site revamp a while back, and here are the initial results.

There’s some things that won’t be fully going yet, for instance I haven’t gone back through the entire back catalog of posts to update the comics to display correctly. I’ll be slaving away on that for a while, as well as getting new comics and *drumroll* podcasts going.  It’s been a silly last while in real life for me. Urban’s still on walkabout deep in a Malaysian jungle, but hopefully he finds himself and comes back to us all. In the meantime, please bear with stuff around here that doesn’t seem to be working properly. Nothing’s lost!

Some new stuff to poke around with, the news thingy on the right ties into CCP feeds, and there’s a couple of interesting goodies on the way for that area. Below you’ll find post history, categories, etc. Even FURTHER below are subtle links off to other interesting social stuff (yes, there’s a WDA Facebook page, has been for a while!). Feel free to comment on things you love and hate, and expect some good stuff soon.

So, while Dominion’s being put on the servers, what do you all think of the new changes documented in those ridiculously long patch notes? There seems to be something for everyone.

Michael Lastucka

Also known as Winterblink in-game. Warp Drive Active's overlord.