Landmarks? Oh, Those Things…

Landmark Dot Thingies
Landmark Dot Thingies

One upon a time you used to be able to go around through EVE and find these interesting places talked about in the backstory of the game. Apparently giving us these funky new planets has robbed us of this content. Thanks to CCP Bettik, this content will be coming back to the game in a new and improved fashion.

The aforementioned objects would have to be moved over to the dungeon system. The alternative would be to deprive EVE of content, thus making the vastness of space therein somewhat more vacuous than it currently is. We broke the project down into how many dungeons needed to be created and turned into static dungeons. After much figuring and calculating, we decided to turn those 2,238 objects into basic dungeons – remember, they were not part of our dungeon system before – that we could then populate out into the game ad infinitum.

Now this is actually kind of cool, especially for those who like the back story to EVE. Mind you, I can’t think of anyone off the top of my head that noticed these things were missing, but I think most of that is due to the fact the content itself used to be basically static stuff with little interaction.

One other interesting tidbit comes with the addendum to the blog by CCP Tallest.

In some regions, we had to make new landmarks entirely. Most of these sites were tied to the empire factions in some way, so they wouldn’t make sense for, say, the Rogue Drone regions. Since all of the other regions were getting new content, though, we didn’t want to leave the rogue drones out. So we simply created a few new ones for those regions.

So areas that never had them now have them, and the end result is that the content can be expanded along with the story. Right, and I imagine a lot of people are still shrugging about the whole endeavor. I don’t blame you, this probably won’t add massive game-changing differences to the game, but integrating the story to the game in an interactive and expanding way sounds like it’s full of potential.

I just hope it doesn’t end up going the same way the COSMOS constellation effort went.


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