Podcast #52: Braiiins!! Reflections and Predictions Pt. 2

Warp Drive Active Podcast

Hot Drop Target: Shou Ning (Primary), Zapatero, FinnAgain, LaVista Vista (Secondaries)

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EVE’s zombie podcast arises from a three month death! :) I talk with Shou Ning about EVE’s next expansion named Tyrannis, and about some of the more recent activities in the game. Additionally, this episode includes part two of the EVE retrospective recorded some months ago by myself, Zapatero of EON, FinnAgain of EVE Tribune, and LaVista Vista of EBank.

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Eleven. Return and RevertMidas Fall
“Movie Screens” (mp3)
from “Eleven. Return and Revert”
(Monotreme Records)

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Michael Lastucka

Also known as Winterblink in-game. Warp Drive Active's overlord.

  • Redheaded Desire

    I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed this podcast. You did a fantastic job of editing most everything other than my yelling about my sewing machine. I can not wait for the next podcast.

  • Great episode! I laughed so hard at teh “GET OFF MY SEWING MACHINE” part…I’m sure the people in the 10mph rush hour traffic thought I was some kind of lunatic.

  • @Redheaded Desire – seriously, that was the highlight of the entire show for me. I laughed well past the point where they actually started getting back on topic.

    I truly think your background antics should continue to be integrated into the show itself… seriously you’ve got something going there… the reality of living the life of an adult gamer with a family.

    It was fantastic :)

  • Shou Ning

    Winterblink edited out most of the screaming kids and the dog attacking let left overs from dinner. But it was fun times all around.

  • ZOMG it lives !!!

  • Silicon Buddha

    It’s good to hear you back on the air. Just don’t turn it onto a quarterly podcast (like I have room to talk).