The Coming of Things

CCP Zulu shows those other devs how it’s done, combo-breaking the recent string of boring, uninformative dev blogs with something players might appreciate: a list of stuff CCP is actually working on.

You can click the link below for the full details, but for now lets look at the breakdown:

  • Incarna: 9 teams, approximately 70 developers
  • Dust 514/EVE link: 1 team, approximately 7 developers
  • In-space features: 3 teams, approximately 22 developers
  • EVE Gate: 1 team, approximately 10 developers
  • Others: 4 teams, approximately 15 developers

Nine teams for Incarna, huh.  Admittedly it’s going to be a very tech-heavy expansion, involving folks from multiple disciplines to pull off, but for a lot of folks we’re talking about something that is utterly forgettable if all you want to do is undock and blow ships to pieces.

All is not lost, if you’re thinking this means all CCP is doing is tacking on frivolous features to EVE…

That does not mean that we won‘t make any improvements until then!  We haven‘t started planning the Spring 2011 or Winter 2011 expansions yet (not to that level of granularity) but we do realize the urgency of revisiting certain key game features. Rest assured, the CSM will play a large role in identifying those.

Please, also keep in mind that our developers are constantly fixing bugs – small ones, big ones, important ones and obvious ones. But also bugs you‘ve never experienced, never seen and never heard of. The EVE code base is as big as the universe itself and we‘re constantly engaged in cleanup and backend work that the players will never notice unless something goes horribly wrong.

I’m sure at least some of those people are also hard at work with new COSMOS constellation content, and bringing Faction Warfare across the finish line.



Michael Lastucka

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