Real Life Hull Tanking

So you’re an EVE player, and as such you want to tell everyone all about this awesome game.  “But Blinky,” you ask, “how can I become a walking advertisement for EVE?  I’ve always wanted to.”  CCP’s about to hook you up, along with one of the most well known gaming t-shirt stores, JINX.

Expect the first wave of apparel to arrive in early October, when you can purchase the finest threads that New Eden has to offer.

So nothing’s available yet, you’ll have to wait some months, but JINX’s current offerings for gamers are pretty cool.  A collaboration with CCP should be pretty awesome.

Source: Game News

Ebank Scammed

Risk is everywhere in EVE, and even the well-respected folks aren’t above pulling goofy stuff at the expense of others.  From Hexx, Chairman of Ebank:

Yesterday was a busy day. Here’s what we know for certain…Ricdic has scammed and engaged in RMT. He stole roughly 200 Billion of our 2.3 Trillion in deposits (8.6%). We are in the process of getting a new deposit character in place and hope to have this completed by tonight. He might have gotten away with more but Amarr Citizen 155 and Athre were able to prevent that. Please give them your thanks; I know I do.

Damn.  Now I don’t myself put any faith in player run banks, but if I were to suddenly have a change of heart in that, EBank would be the one I’d go with.  Does this change my view of the organization?  Like I said, risk is part of the game, so probably the answer would be no.  It seems like the response from the other managing type folks at EBank has been more than sensible, and the offending character’s been banned for his actions because some RMT occurred.

I still may not trust other players with my hard-earned iskies, but that’s just me.

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Alliance Tournament 7

For those of us who were worried about the future status of tournaments in EVE, worry no more: AT7 is coming soon.  Quoth the Charlie:

Starting in early September this year, you can all look forward to three weekends of mayhem and explosive action on the greatest stage in EVE.

We have some pretty exciting ideas for improvements this year to the whole show, and there will be a full blog on the tournament itself in a couple of weeks.  That will be when we announce the instructions on how to sign up, full rules, tournament format and all the rest.

As is usually the case, you armchair generals are welcome to apply to become tournament experts, whereby you attempt to publicly show the greater EVE community how much you know about PVP.  If you make the grade, CCP will fly you to Iceland to commentate on the finals.  For the prior matches, commentators are welcome to sit at home in your underwear and do the commentary from there.

More info?  Think you’re thmart?  Click below.

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Hug Your EVE Fiction

It’s been awhile since we’ve been able to have actual phyiscal contact with the stories of EVE, but the wait will soon be over with the release of a second EVE novel entitled EVE: The Burning Life by Hjalti Danielsson.

It’s not out yet, and there’s no release date on the listing for it, but there is this big description which probably doesn’t do the book the tiniest bit of justice:

The capsuleers are the immortal pilots that string together the vast Interglactic empire that makes up the universe of EVE. Remote from the mortal population they have come from they are cold and distant. They are needed but hated. John has reason to hate them – a capsuleer attack on the pirate space colony he worked in killed his family. Carla hates them too. But her hatred is for herself as well. She worked as an agent for capsuleers acquiring missions for capsuleer agents and taking a cut from the profits. Missions that lead to countless people dying. Both have sought redemption amongst the sisters of Eve, a philanthropic organisation. But when they discover that the Sisters are plotting to assassinate Capsuleers, to end their evil they realise they can find revenge too. But revenge leads to unexpected consequences. EVE: THE BURNING LIFE is a fast moving space opera: a tale of revenge and redemption that spans a Universe. 

So says the book description on Amazon.  Click the link below for further details.